Will you join All About Women’s 200 @$200?


All About Women is asking 200 women to redirect $200 in June and join with us in making a difference in the lives of under and un-insured women in middle Tennessee. Your money will be spent directly on sponsored health care expenses for these women. This is a situation that continues to grow as the growth in Nashville escalates.

After reading the sobering statistics in the Tennessee Women’s Health Report Card that detailed how women struggle to meet their own health needs, Sally Smallwood founded All About Women in 2002 to remove the barriers that keep women from living healthier lives and taking better care of themselves. Since then All About Women has served nearly 70,000 women in middle Tennessee.  We are proud to say that today, All About Women is lead by a 100% volunteer board allowing us to direct the majority of the funds raised to support our mission.

All About Women connects women with free, engaging resources to balance their lives and improve their health. In 2016, All About Women will participate in 4 in-person events that will link women with information and services to address their total well-being beyond just their healthcare needs including fitness and nutrition, mental health, education and career services, legal and financial issues and more.

We appreciate your thoughtful consideration of helping us change the future of women in middle Tennessee by joining our campaign to be one of the 200 giving $200 to All About Women.

Please make a gift to AAW today.  And we thank you in advance for your generosity.


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