Ask an Expert: Job Hunting with NCAC

Have a question for our experts? This line is open until Friday, Sept 24th. NCAC will then answer a few questions and we’ll post their answers right here and on the forums.

Q: Dear Connie: I have been job searching for a while, but I have had very few interviews. I want my résumé to grab the attention of the recruiters so I have been thinking about ways to do that. I thought it might be a good idea to put my resume on some fun paper (like hot pink!) and draw some pictures in the margins. What do […] Read More


NAME: Lily
STATUS: Irritated.
GOAL: Wealth.
PEEVE: Sucking at math.
GLEE: Payday is this week.

No matter how I envision it, the conversation just doesn’t go well:

Me: “Mom, I really need $200 for a new phone so I can post videos of Otto on YouTube.”
Mom: “Two hundred dollars?!? Your phone works perfectly fine – and you never should have gotten that stupid cat, either – you need to get a full-time job.”
Me: “If I had a full-time job do you really think I’d be calling you and begging for money?”
OR –
Me: “Mom, do you think I could borrow $200? I really feel like […] Read More

Ask an Expert: Time Management with Cindy Sullivan

Ask an Expert: Time Management with Cindy Sullivan

Cindy Sullivan’s mission is to help people achieve order and balance in their lives. Founder of cbSullivan Consulting & Organizing, Cindy is a Certified Professional Organizer®, Time Management Consultant, and Organizer Coach. A member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) since 2004, Cindy was the founding President of NAPO Nashville. Cindy helps her clients be more effective through good time management techniques, creating systems, developing routines, and organizing homes & workspaces that work for the client. Cindy offers services that include time management coaching and consulting, business & residential organizing, training, and seminars.
Q: When I get home […] Read More