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Ain’t nothing sweet about “the sugars”

Ain’t nothing sweet about “the sugars”

by Pam Coyle

Actor Halle Berry, politician Mike Huckabee, chef Paula Deen, Randy Jackson, actor Tom Hanks, rocker Bret Michaels.

Which celebrity doesn’t fit with the others?

If you picked any of the six, you’d be wrong. All have Type 2 diabetes. All have what older movies, and some of our older relatives, quaintly call “sugar diabetes” or “the sugar sickness,” or simply, “the sugars.”

But there’s nothing sweet about diabetes. Untreated, it can cause loss of limbs, blindness, and death. In Tennessee, diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death. In 2011, the most recent year with complete data, […] Read More

Get Outdoors and Start Moving

Get Outdoors and Start Moving

By Pam Coyle
I sit too much. I blame work and Netflix.
Sitting too much has some serious consequences, as researchers have discovered. People who sit for long periods – whether in front of the television, computer or steering wheel – significantly increase their health risks.

Stepping outside is one of the easiest ways to introduce more movement. Gardening, a walk to the corner store, a stroll around the block with the dog, a game of catch in the park – such moments improve circulation and thinking. They can be the foundation for lasting, healthy lifestyle changes.

How about dancing – or at least […] Read More

Ask an Expert: Sangita Nair on BMI and Weight

Have a question for our experts? This line is open until Friday, January 7th. Sangita will then answer the top questions and we’ll post the answers right here and on the forums.

Q: I just used an online BMI calculator and it said I was overweight! Should I be worried?

A: The BMI–or Body Mass Index– is one of many measurements that clinicians use to evaluate your overall risk for chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. It is a calculation that takes into account the ratio of your weight to your height, which at the population level has […] Read More