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Stretching Q&A with Jennifer Kimball from Girls on the Run

Stretching Q&A with Jennifer Kimball from Girls on the Run

Jennifer Kimball, along with many other interested women (and few good men) founded Girls on the Run Nashville in 2007. The program uses running to deliver life-changing experiential learning lessons about self-esteem, healthy living and positive relationships to 3rd-8th grade girls. Girls on the Run Nashville began with 15 girls, and expects to serve 220 girls in 2011. Jennifer’s passion, energy, determination and love for the girls and the program is truly contagious.
Q: I can barely run a quarter mile. How can I build up my stamina?

A: Run a quarter mile today and then add a little more distance each […] Read More

Ask an Expert: Fitness with April Wood from YMCA

Have a question for our expert? This line is open until Friday, August 27th. April will be answering a few questions Monday and post her answers right here and on the forums.

Q: Can walking provide the same benefits as running?
A: You will burn around 100 calories per mile regardless to if you are walking or running. The difference is that you can burn approximately double the calories running in a particular time frame. For example, you could burn 100 calories with 10 minutes of running but it may take 20 minutes of walking to burn the same 100 […] Read More