NAME: Lily
STATUS: Irritated.
GOAL: Wealth.
PEEVE: Sucking at math.
GLEE: Payday is this week.

No matter how I envision it, the conversation just doesn’t go well:

Me: “Mom, I really need $200 for a new phone so I can post videos of Otto on YouTube.”
Mom: “Two hundred dollars?!? Your phone works perfectly fine – and you never should have gotten that stupid cat, either – you need to get a full-time job.”
Me: “If I had a full-time job do you really think I’d be calling you and begging for money?”
OR –
Me: “Mom, do you think I could borrow $200? I really feel like I need to update some of my tech stuff and –“
Mom: “Two hundred dollars?!? Update your what? Are you kidding me? No, what you need is to get off your duff and get busy finding a full-time job.”
Me: “If I had a full-time job do you really think I’d be calling you and begging for money?”


Then I’d slam down my iPhone. Wait, do they have an app for that? Because they totally should. Meanwhile, I don’t have an iPhone, or any kind of phone that takes video and lets me update online. And I do not have $200. And I guess I can’t pass go. Because the bottom line is, degree or no, I do not have a job and yet I can’t stop myself from spending as if I had one.

Well, I have a sort of job, part-time clerking at the Med Center, but it isn’t exactly the kind of scratch a girl needs to support herself in the manner to which she’s become accustomed. Seriously, I’m young and single, I need to keep networking (thus the tech upgrades; cat videos are a mere bonus), I need to look good, I need to be out there.


And if there’s a sale at Muse I need to be able to buy that green dress. And if I go shopping with friends I need to be able to go out to lunch. And if we’re having girls’ night out I need to get my pedicure on and I need to be able to buy my own drinks instead of letting some lecherous loser buy them for me.

I need, I need, I need. I need money. Or a winning lottery ticket. Or a full-time job in my area of expertise, hello.

Hmmm. Maybe I’ll call Dad instead…

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