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PoteL_headshotQ: How do I register to vote? Is it free?


A: Voter registration is free. Qualifications to register to vote: You must be at least 18 years old (or 18 on or before the next scheduled election day); a U.S. citizen or naturalized citizen; a resident of Tennessee; and your voting privileges must not be restricted because of a conviction as a felon. Registration may be in person (at the county election commission office) or by mail (post card registration forms are available at area libraries and post offices). After January 1, 1995, you will be able to apply for voter registration at the same time you apply for a driver’s license. You will also be able to apply for registration at the office of the County Clerk, the Register of Deeds, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and local branches of the Armed Forces.source

Q: How do I know if I am registered to vote?


A: Registered voters are sent a voter registration card. If you have never received a voter registration card, assume you are not registered.source

Q: Why do you have to choose a political party before you can vote on election day?


A: The only time a voter is required to indicate the party he/she wishes to vote for is during a primary election. A primary election is an election held for a political party for the purpose of allowing members of that party to select a nominee or nominees to appear on the General Election Ballot. Therefore in order to vote in a primary, you must declare that you wish to vote as a member of that political party. source

Q: How can I find out what district I am in and who is running for office in that district this year?


A: The Davidson County Election Commission offers several resources, including a calendar of elections, how to find your polling place, change of address and more online. Websites like Project Vote Smart can show you who is running in your district and provide unbiased information on each candidate.