Have a question for our experts? This line is open until Friday, November 5th. Debbie will then answer a few questions and we’ll post her answers right here and on the forums.

DGordon_headshotQ: How do I know how much to charge for new handmade or used items?

A: This is a process of trial and error. First, you have to see what people are willing to pay for your items. Just because you want to sell something for a certain amount, doesn’t mean that people will pay that much. Choose a price that you are willing to accept and see how many people buy it. If no one buys it, try lowering your price. Do this enough to where you are certain that you are charging “market value”.

Q: What’s the best way to compete in the handmade market?


A: Make sure you market your items as unique. Just because you put your heart and soul into items doesn’t mean the buyers care. Think about how these items would be marketed in a store. What are people searching for on an online commerce site? Are they looking for handmade items, or are they looking for items that happen to be handmade by you?

Q: How can I avoid spammers and scammers?


A: Make sure that buyers have a buying history. On eBay, you can look at their feedback. Make sure you have a clear return policy and only use a trusted payment service.