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ADamico_headshotStress IS a normal aspect of life.


Stress is a partner to all the wonderful events in our lives, these events include falling in love, feeling joy and excitement, getting married, having a baby, or cranking up enough energy to produce our masterpieces. Giving up all stress would eliminate a reason to get out of bed most mornings.

However too much stress can cause harm to us physically, emotionally, and relationally. The concept of negative stress is experiencing the emotional and physical effects of stress at an uncomfortable level on a continuous basis.

Q: So how much stress is too much stress?


A: The brain responds to stress by telling the body to crank out the adrenaline needed to deal with any perceived problems. Experiencing that adrenaline rush can be very addictive and our brains may even experience a sense of let down as the adrenaline levels return to normal.
When our bodies experience a constant diet of stress the body gets stuck on high alert, maxing out physical and mental resources resulting in fatigue, anxiety, and a weakening of our immune system.

Q: How do I know when stress is out of control?

• Trouble sleeping
• Feeling exhausted / burned out
• Frequent tension headaches
• Stomach upsets
• Feeling on edge and impatient with others (family members)

Q: How are some positive ways to respond to stress?


Rather than focusing on what we need to do, my preference is to focus on how each of us can become more responsive to our own personal needs. Give yourself permission to unplug and evaluate how to change your response to stressful situations.
These changes include:

• Being less critical of self and others; learn to like you more
• Walk off that extra adrenaline build up and smell the sweet things in life
• Unplug through meditation, prayer, or just a quiet place of peace
• Deep breathe and recognize the wonderful ways your body functions
• Be assertive and honest – learn to say no to others’ burdens

Life change takes time and begins with how you think about life. A less stressful life is an option for each of us. Allow less stress to rule your life not because you have to but for the sheer joy of experiencing who and where your are right now. Life is a journey, choose to enjoy it and the people you love.