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MfarringerQ: Caring for my parent is affecting my job! What can I do?


You are not alone. First, let your HR department know of your situation. You know want your employer to think your absenses or distraction is because you don’t care about your job. Ask about flex-time and also any eldercare help that your employer may offer. In many cases adult day care can be a help to those working outside the home by providing a safe, engaging place for their parent while they are at work.
Q: I see my friends spending time and money caring for their parents. My parents are fine right now, but what should I be doing to prepare?


A: The key is preparation and communication. Talk with your parents while they are NOT in a crisis situation about what they would like and not like. Make sure that a will, power of attorney and power of attorney for healthcare is in place–and that you know where these documents are located.

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