The Reverend Marcia C. King serves as Associate Rector and Director of Ministry. Prior to her call to St. George’s, Marcia was Assistant Rector at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Ocean Springs, MS where she was a major leader in coordinating relief efforts for that community following the ravages of Hurricane Katrina. Born in Knoxville, TN, Marcia lived in Jacksonville FL for over 35 years. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of North Florida and received her Masters of Divinity from Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry. Marcia is currently pursuing her Doctor of Ministry degree. Prior to entering seminary, Marcia was Director of Sales and Marketing for Prudential Insurance Company. She has served on the Executive Council of the American Cancer Society as well as numerous other philanthropic organizations. Marcia is married to John King; they have three adult children living in North Florida.

Q: How do I find a prayer partner or partners and how does the partnership work?

A: Prayer partners can be friends you trust or associates who are part of an organziation to which you belong. Most important is , a spirit of confidentially, learning about her prayer needs and the committment to pray for one another.

Q: What is my responsibility to my prayer partner?

A: It’s actually pretty simple but can be oh so hard: to actually pray for them. Lovingly remember them to God.

Q: I’m afraid to share my intimate thoughts and fears with someone else. How do I know I can trust my prayer partner?

A: That’s a common fear for trust and intimacy are earned. Once established, however, let your prayer partner know the things on your heart so she can intercede on your behalf. Knowing that someone is praying specifically for you, by name and for your needs, is cause for thanksgiving to God in and of itself.

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