The following information came from Practical Money Skills

Q: What should I include in my holiday budget?

A: Set your budget. Make a list of all purchases and events you plan to spend money on next year. Make sure to include gifts, entertaining, meals, and travel. Estimate how much you can spend on each of these things and how much you must save a week throughout the year to reach these goals.

Q: I never seem to have enough money at the holidays and end up using my credit cards. How can I avoid doing that next year?

A: Get creative. Think of gifts you can make and get started on them early. That way you won’t be tempted to blow your budget at the last minute because you didn’t get a gift made.

Q: Most of my family and friends have everything they need and want. What is a unique gift for them?

A. Join together. Join with other family members and friends to help others who may not be as fortunate as you and limit the gifts to those who have everything they need.

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