Tanna Clark

As “Chief Organizing Officer” of Complete Organizing Solutions it is Tanna’s mission to help people reach their organizing potential. Tanna is passionate about helping busy families of all sizes create order by simplifying their lives. Organizing is not “one size fits all” and Tanna shares that concept with her clients as she creates systems that will help them get organized once and for all.

Tanna knew she was different from a very early age. “My grandmother called it plundering. As a child I would go through drawers, pulling things out, rearranging them, and putting them back in a neat and orderly fashion.”

Every fall, while her friends bemoaned the end of summer, Tanna was secretly rejoicing in her favorite time of year. The season for…School Supplies! Tidy stacks of pencils and perfect boxes of markers. Orderly rows of glue sticks, fresh stacks of paper and notebooks – Tanna would wander the aisles, examining the newest products and storage options, and planning how to organize her school work for the year.

Realizing that organizing was indeed her niche in life, Tanna wanted to use that passion to help others and in 2006 Complete Organizing Solutions was formed. Tanna provides quality organizing services along with time, money and energy-saving solutions specifically designed for her clients’ needs so that they may enjoy a more relaxed and productive life!