For Mother’s Day we asked that you send us your memories of special times with your mother or your favorite stories. Here they are and we are still looking for more. Send us your tribute to your mother at

I grew up in the era of Father Knows Best. It was one of my favorite TV shows and my favorite character was Kathy – the youngest daughter. I saw a show where Kathy came running into the house excited that she had advanced a grade in school. When I finished first grade I came running into the kitchen yelling “I passed!” My mother looked at me and said “Didn’t you think you would pass?” I was crushed that she hadn’t gotten excited and didn’t congratulate me. She must have seen the disappointment on my face because she quickly gave me a hug, took the chocolate chip cookies she had been baking out of the oven, and called in my siblings to have a celebration. As I got older I realized how silly I had been but always remembered how my mother quickly turned disappointment into a celebration. My mother is gone now but I still remember that celebration when I was 6 years old. PSF


As I await the birth of my first child I wonder what kind of mother I will be. I remember the patience my mother had with me. Although I don’t remember learning to ride a bike, I have seen the videos of my mother running beside the bicycle so I would’t hurt myself. I do remember her teaching me to drive. It must have been a very scary thing for her but she showed such calm and composure when I took over the wheel. She never ridiculed the horrible makeup or hair styles but was there to help me make changes when I realized I needed a change. She is patient with me now when I ask a million questions about having a baby. My mother had three children and always had time for each one of us. Thanks, Mom! I hope I can do as good a job as you have done. Love you. KS

We drove you crazy! Now, we’re back!!! We’re moving back to Nashville. See you on Mother’s Day! JW and DW

Thanks, Mom, for all the years you cooked, cleaned, dried tears, sewed clothes, cleaned house, made school lunches, baked cupcakes, threw birthday parties, listened, insisted I did my homework, ironed my clothes, worked outside the home, went to plays and concerts, listened, drove me to practices, cheered me on at games, listened, and listened. You did so much more and I can’t list it all. You know all the things you have done for me. Love you. Happy Mother’s Day! TB

It couldn’t have been easy being a single mother to twins. I don’t know if I could do it. Mama, you raised the two of us by yourself. Sometimes you worked two jobs to make sure we got what we needed for school. Throughout it all you made sure we knew we were loved and we were special. This spring we both graduate from college. Now, mama, it is time for you to rest and let us take care of you. Happy Mother’s Day. GS & MS