Sue, “the Pool Guru” is a dynamic teacher of hi-calorie-burn water aerobics. Her enthusiasm for moving groups to a healthier, happier place can be experienced via her pool classes, workshops and inspirational speaking/moving fusion.

After garnering 80,000 views on an e-how channel for her pool exercises, she undertook creation of her very own DVD/download series. Entitled “Sue’s 5-Minute Cardio + Core Combos for Chest-Deep Water”, it can be previewed on Youtube and her website. The finished product launches this month.

Formerly a corporate gal, with an MBA from Vanderbilt, Sue entered the fitness field at mid-life while raising two teens as a single mom. She pulled down the industry’s gold-standard certification from American College of Sports Medicine, and has been teaching men and women from all walks of life for twelve years. When not immersed in pool workouts or DVD creation, she teaches yoga and ballet barre at McCabe Community Center or plays with her French Bull Dogs, Lucky and Stella.

Tricks for Staying Healthy (and Productive) When You’ve Got a Sit-All-the-Time Job

Mother Nature designed us to be a moving, improving vehicle. So when our bodies get restrained to a sitting position for hours on end, courtesy of our work, we shift away gradually, from our organic, healthy architecture.

But the amazing thing about our bodies is that they are biologically cued to heal and replenish at any age. Yes, scientists have found that at any age improvement is possible. So toss aside that rhetoric, “I guess I’m just getting older”, and get busy with what’s possible!

From me to you, here’s some sneaky, simple things you can do to regain your naturally healthy self….yes, even as you read this article.

1. BREATHE—deeply.

Our muscles sense when we’re not taking full in-breaths and out-breaths. In fact, shallow breaths signal our body to hold the muscles in a semi-tensed position. After a full day of that, we get that low feeling at work day’s end. We think it’s fatigue, but it’s lack of energy-giving oxygen.

Got a friend who’s a singer? Get her to demo “diaphragmatic breathing”. It will train you to take full belly breaths, bringing richly oxygenated air to the 50 trillion cells that you are.


Sneak in tidbits of activeness whenever you can. It’s like a big can of WD-40 for your hips, back, and neck–plus a real stress-buster! Instead of communicating electronically 100%, walk a message to the recipient’s cubicle. Burn some calories by taking the elevator only half-way up, hike some stairs for the rest. Take up “Restroom Yoga”—get stretchy while you’re at sink or stall. And here’s a sure-fire way to cut down on those meetings that love to drag on. Do it on the fly—walk and talk as you do business.


Scientists have found that after 90 minutes of work, we arrive at brain fatigue, that “brain-dead” feeling. The solution is a mini-moving break. Set a timer on your phone or computer to signal you every 90 minutes. Get up, move it, and breathe deeply. You’ll return to your work with greater creativity and speed. Think pause–for productivity!

Next, I’m gonna give you three Stealth Stretches to do while your backside is attached to the chair…


As we sit for a long time, we tend to “hunker down” or cave into our lower backs. That can throw our neck and shoulders out of whack too. But relief is only arms-length away. Pretend you’re a kid in a pile of snow making snow angels. Breathe in, lift your arms up from your sides to the crown of your head. Breathe out, sweep your arms back down again. Angel-on several times. Now lace your fingers, press your palms away from your chest and lift your super-straight arms forward then up to the sky as you breathe in. Do that 3 times. It feels so yummy, I bet you’ll start craving it!


Want a delicious way to tone your abs and strengthen the lumbar spine, aka your lower back? Sit tall. Now swing your hips from side to side. Next tuck your hips under then back behind you. (Don’t cave down, use your lower abs to tuck those hips). Finally, draw a big 360 hip circle. Do this threesome for 30 to 60 seconds. Sneak in your Belly Dancing Self anytime you’re sitting waiting for a boss, a hubbie, a kid or a stoplight.


Visualize building a spiral staircase with your spine. Start down in the basement and build up. Sit tall. Now start low in your back and slowly turn to the right. Continue by going up to your waist level and turn the mid-back. Next lightly turn your neck and look over the back of your right shoulder. Don’t overdo here. A few degrees turn is plenty. Stay in your spiraling twist for several big in and out breaths. Great. Now do the other side.


Okay, here’s where I holler with my “Sue, the Trainer” voice…”Wonderful Women, Move It or Loose It!” If you’re confined to a seated position for work, make it your oober-objective to jam-pack the rest of your day with moving! Flush out the work day’s semi-tensive state. Get physical to refresh and replenish! Say yeah, yeah, yeah!

If you live in Nashville, you’ve got oodles of options for sassy moving and grooving.

+Got young kids?? Climb and slide together at many local parks. Cycle around the flat plus scenic Shelby Bottoms.

+Want to rev up your socializing as well as exercising? Catch amateur, no-partner-necessary ballroom dancing 3 to 5 nights every week year-round in this town, with many venues free or only $7. (think twirly retro skirts).

+There’s a plethora of $3-a-visit Zumba, yoga and ballet barre classes at some very hip community centers convenient to your neighborhood.

+Lastly, I gotta sing the praises what got me into shape (safely and quickly). Water Aerobics. The styles and intensities of water exercise are no longer limited to the senior set. Plus, there’s many indoor heated pools for year-round training. And here’s your golden ticket…there’s no next day soreness when you work in the water, so you can safely do it 5 consecutive days weekly for weight loss. Want to grab some FREE in-pool moves? Visit the video page at my website

Don’t cheat yourself out of feeling great, no matter what your line of work. You are important. And movement is the key. Plus get ready, because you’re gonna have a great time getting physical!