512px-Jogging_Woman_in_GrassThis is National Women’s Health Week, and All About Women is marking it by offering a $2,000 scholarship opportunity to a group of women who want to make positive, long-lasting changes in their lives.



The “Inspiring Women” Scholarship was created to honor AAW founder Sally Smallwood for her work to serve the health needs of women.

Applying groups must consist of three or more women. Examples include family, friends, neighbors, coworkers or classmates who will work together over the course of one year to make a positive change in their lives. There is no maximum number of participants, but proposal cost cannot exceed $2,000.

Examples of positive changes include losing weight, quitting smoking, eating healthier, starting and sustaining a fitness program, lowering blood pressure and/or blood sugar.

The more original the idea, the more consideration it will receive. Applications are due Friday, June 14. More information about the Inspiring Women scholarship is available for download as a Word doc or PDF.

Applicants can use the reorganized All About Women website to help  find ideas for their applications or ways to help them achieve their goal. The site now is organized in a way that helps women easily and quickly connect with the information and services they need. Expert advice, links to local resources and featured blog posts are organized under six main categories: Home, Health, Finance, Career, Parenting and Lifestyle.

“Women need one place where they can go to connect with the services they need,” says Joyce McDaniel, AAW’s executive director. “We want this to be a usable site with helpful resources.”


National Women’s Health Week runs from May 12-18, and we thank Gov. Bill Haslam for declaring this week to be Women’s Health Week in Tennessee.

“Women make the vast majority of the purchasing and healthcare decisions for their families, so equipping women with the knowledge to make the right choices has a positive impact on everyone in their care,” the proclamation says.

With the right attitude and information, change is possible. Our goal is helping Tennessee women with both.