This year All About Women created the “Inspiring Women” Scholarship to honor AAW founder Sally Smallwood for her work to serve the health needs of women. This scholarship offered $2,000 to a group of women that endeavored to make positive, long-lasting changes in their lives over the course of one year. We have selected a deserving group to receive this scholarship, so please join us in congratulating…

Tied Together Smoking Cessation Project!













Eleven women who graduated from the Martha O’Bryan Center’s Tied Together will continue their education about raising healthy families by embarking on the next step to wellness: quitting smoking.

Participants will work together to reach key goals like understanding why they smoke, smoking less and completely quitting tobacco. By the end of the year, Tied Together hopes to increase participants’ confidence in health advocacy so they can educate their peers and family about the risks of smoking.

“The Tied Together application aligned so closely with the mission that Sally Smallwood was trying to accomplish when she started All About Women,” said AAW Vice President Nancy Dickson. “We were thrilled to be able to help this group on the path to achieving their goals.”

Scholarship recipients are all graduates of Martha O’Bryan Center’s Tied Together, a non-traditional parent education program that gives at-risk parents the tools they need to raise healthy families. The curriculum teaches positive parenting skills, building community/mentoring among parents, and supporting positive health outcomes among mothers.

After reviewing many applications, we were struck by the dedication of each group and the passion they showed for improving their lives. Each application was worthy of careful consideration, and we are already looking forward to next year when we get to choose another deserving group of women for this scholarship.